You probably hate hard water more than you hate your softener but that doesn’t mean you love your softener. For many people they are a necessary evil. They take up space in the garage or the kitchen, they have an insatiable appetite for salt and always go wrong eventually and need replacing. Sometimes they go so wrong that they flood the house or even worse, eject their little pellets into the plumbing system so you have to re-plumb the whole house. While most things in life are improved by new technology, the old salt softener seems stuck in the past, nothing much seems to have changed since your Grandmother was a little girl.

Well, at last things have moved on and technology has caught up with the problem of treating hard water. It has taken some time to get here and there have been a few false dawns along the way. Magnets and other fancy gadgets that seem to defy science have been on offer to home owners for many years but there has been a lack of consistency and reliability that has cost some people a lot of money and put off others from taking the plunge. The problem with many of these products is that the manufacturers often don’t really know how they work themselves, so when they don’t work, or stop working, its difficult to figure out what has gone wrong.

The whole problem of reliability is not helped by the lack of any independent third party testing to certify the performance of these products. It would seem to be a simple thing to design a test rig that could tell you whether something was working or not. At last it has happened with IAPMO (The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials) sometimes referred to as the Plumbing Police publishing a protocol, Interim Guidance Code 335, that provides a very reliable measure of performance.

Aqua-Rex is a technically advanced electronic water softener alternative that uses radio waves to stop scale from sticking to surfaces and to soften the hot water – it solves hard water problems without using salt and a home owner can easily fit it themselves without needing any tools or any plumbing at all. It needs no servicing or maintenance and it has a twenty year warranty. It has also performed brilliantly on the IAPMO test which showed a reduction of scale of 83% using Las Vegas water. You may think that 83% is not brilliant but this is on water heated to 180 degrees Fahrenheit, far hotter than you use at home and a temperature where much more scale will form than normal. It means at normal temperatures there will be virtually no scale at all and the water will be much softer.

If you hate your softener, or you don’t have one, now you can buy an inexpensive alternative that does much the same job; but it doesn’t cost you much, takes up no space, doesn’t need salt and won’t go wrong.

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