Tom B
Aqua-rex was easy to install with the complete instructions.

After installing I waited 30 days to see any difference and cleaned all the faucets.
At about the 60 day marker I did not see any hard water stains or marks.
My wife asked we got a water softener and I told her no… Got an Aqua -rex.
One other thing i noticed was hotter water.
Brian and Ruth Kominsky – Las Vegas

To Whom It May Concern: 

We have owned the Aqua-Rex swimming pool model for about a year now. We were getting a lot of calcium buildup on our pool, especially under the waterfall feature, so our pool guy recommended we install an Aqua-Rex. The difference in our pool has been quite noticeable. Not only has the buildup stopped, but the already existing deposits have been disappearing. What’s left was easily brushed away by hand and the only time it recurred was when our electrical outlet stopped working and we didn’t realize it. We replaced the outlet and once again the buildup has been receding ever since. We are very happy with the product and the company. 

Ray Pereda, Jr. – Construction Services

Hey Janet, hope all is well! 

Your name came up in a meeting yesterday at our Monarch property in Anaheim. You’ll be hearing from Huey soon on this. 

It reminded me to follow up with you on the Aqua-Rex I installed at my house. We love it and have told everybody about it. My girls (I have a house full of hair!) all like it for their washing of their hair. It has been a hit! Wanted to just drop a note and say THANKS! 

On another note, we have talked to our Property Management department and we want to look into purchasing several properties (at a time) systems to be installed. With over 65 properties currently in the portfolio throughout California and 3 currently under construction (2 of which are specified to have the Aqua-Rex), we have plenty of opportunity for the systems to be installed. 

Now the bad news….now that we have been sold on it and have thoroughly discuss how it works with our Development team, several people here in the office would like to know how much they could purchase a system (assuming the WK-1) for their home for? Let me know and I’ll forward the info along. 

Joel Valentine – Dynamic Plumbing – Las Vegas Nevada

I had the Aqua Rex system installed in my home for almost a year now and it is doing everything I was told it would do. First of all the system is easy to install and does not require any special tools and the Aqua Rex system does not use a lot of energy. My scale build up on faucets and shower heads has been eliminated as a result of the Aqua Rex system 

Jennifer Betz – PHCC Contractor Member

Since the installation of AQUA-REX in my home, I have enjoyed the following: noticeably softer skin; reduced redness in my eyes after showering; improved efficiency of hair and skin products (I need less to achieve same results); diminished severity of eczema. After experiencing these positive results with my system, I purchased a unit as a gift for my mother! Now she is also benefiting from the AQUA-REX system. 

Sahuarita Hausmann, AZ 

 We purchased our Aqua Rex water softener alternative about three years ago when we moved into a new home in Southern Arizona. My wife immediately noticed the difference when she left dish water in the sink overnight. No scum ring around the sink. She also saw a difference in the toilets. Before installing the Aqua Rex, she had to scour the toilet ring with a scouring stone. 

A while back she wanted me to check the unit. It is outside on the pipe where our water enters the house and under a wood box to protect it from the elements. I confess I did not check it immediately and wife complained about scum in the kitchen sink and some hard water build up on our new bathroom fixtures. OK–I should have checked sooner because when I opened the box, low and behold, a pair of pack rats had set up housekeeping in the box and had chewed the power supply wire and one wire to the unit. I guess my wife was right (as usual). 

We love the product but it gets better, I emailed the Aqua Rex company to ask if I could purchase parts for my unit or if I had to buy a whole new unit. Johnny and Amanda emailed back that they would send replacement parts. We received the parts promptly and imagine my surprise when there was no bill in the box. This is a great company with a great product and they stand behind it even when it’s the “critters” fault it stopped working. We are back to water that does not stain our fixtures and most important, my wife is happy! Thank you Aqua Rex!! Herb

Steve Mundy – Mission Valley Pipe and Supply – San Diego

 Since I installed the WK1 on 6/25/2009, I used the WK1 for build up on the aerators on the faucets, shower heads and glass shower walls which were terrible! After the WK1 was in use for 7 months the build up has almost totally disappeared without any physical cleaning. I also have a tankless water heater that needs to be de-scaled once a year, to keep the performance ` the way it should be. After the first year with no WK1 installed, the first cleaning with a de-scaling product, the solution begins somewhat clear and light blue in color at the beginning, and after the 45 min flushing time the solution came out a rusty dark color with lots of scale. After the second cleaning with the WK1 installed for 8 months, the same solution used for 45min flushing time came out virtually the same as when it started, clean and clear. I have recommended your product to friends and associates. 

Kevin Shaw – Kevin Shaw Plumbing, Inc.

Jonny, wanted to take a moment and thank you for introducing Aqua-Rex to me at the PWQA meeting in Anaheim several years ago. 2008 I believe. 

We install a lot of Rinnai, Eternal and Takagi tankless water heaters and recommend your product on every installation for scale prevention. When the client hears that they will not have to do the maintenance on the heater as often, it is a no brainer sale. 

In today’s world, people are not wanting the hassle of a salt based water softener and Aqua Rex is a great alternative. We have installed 47 of the WK1 units and only had 1 customer not like the product. I would say that is a pretty good success rate. 

Any way’s just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks. 

Dave Ross

I’m a plumbing contractor here in San Diego California, I have been using the Aqua-Rex product for over five years. I have install this product on tankless water heater’s electric water heater’s, steam boilers, various types of swimming pools & landscaping Systems .I have installed this in homes that have polished chrome fixtures oil rubbed bronze and black fixtures. Hands-down the aqua – Rex System removes the scale calcium buildup and reduces the amount of maintenance you need to perform on your plumbing products. Does not leave a residue on brick sidewalks swimming pool tiles. I have installed various water softening system’s. when I was introduced to the aqua-Rex I was very skeptical at first but then as I see how easy it is to install how it doesn’t waste any water. Water softening systems regenerate about a bathtub full of water every seven days or more that’s wasted down the line.aqua-Rex’s WK one is very inexpensive for your basic home needs, tankless water heater, or electric water heater, this is your go to product. 

Scott Centea – Kent State University


We have been pleased with the performance of the AquaRex System on our domestic water applications. 

Even though we installed it on 2 of our irrigation systems we have not had adequate run times for evaluation. 

We do have an installation at Stopher/Johnson Hall on the Domestic Hot Water system. 

Shortly after the AquaRex system was installed we had to replace the tube bundle in one of the 2 domestic Hot Water Heaters because of a warped head. 

The old tube bundle had hard scale formed on the tubes. This scale would crack and break off of the tubes and collect in the heat exchanger to go down the system and be found on the screens in the mixing valves. After 1 year of service we pulled the new bundle and the copper tubes only had a very thin layer of a fine powder on them that could be easily wiped off. 

We are planning to pull the tube bundle in the 2nd heater at Stopher/Johnson to see if the old scale has been removed from tubes of that unit. 

The problems with the pistons in the mixing valves seizing up has stopped since we have using the AquaRex System. 

We had been on a 3 month cycle of pulling/replacing/cleaning cartridges some of our mixing valves to prevent control problems. 

In one of our buildings Centennial Court B where we installed the original AquaRex systems for testing have been performing well. 

I just spoke with the plumber and he said that he has not pulled/replaced those cartridges for 8 months now because they have been controlling the water temperature. 

He is planning to pull those cartridges tomorrow just for preventive maintenance purposes and I plan to take pictures. 

I suspect that since they have not had problems with controlling temps. that they should be clean and moving freely. 

I would be happy to provide you additional information once we open that other heat exchanger at Stopher/Johnson to see how clean it is. 

Please feel free to provide my contact information to others who have similar issues and would like my opinion.