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Water Softener

Say goodbye to the traditional water softener systems, and say hello to the better water softener solution.  Aqua Rex is unlike any other system on the market. Our Softener takes all the salt out of the system and frees up space with our compact easy to install water system. 

Home Renter?

Aqua Rex is so easy to install even a renter can install this system without going through community HOA’s.  It only takes 15 to 20 minutes to install and it is so easy; anyone can install it. If you ever move it’s just as easy to uninstall and bring with you to your next home.

Aqua Rex was founded in 1993
It is widely used in homes, schools, offices, factories and hotels with many hundreds of thousands installed and successfully working.
Independent Certified
Reduce Scaling
Home & Pool Systems
Aqua Rex Water Softner

How it Works

Aqua-Rex is the only Physical Water Conditioner with US independent third party performance certification. When tested by IAPMO R&T Labs under their protocol IGC 335-2018 Rapid Scaling Test, it reduced scaling by 83% in Las Vegas water, heated to 180 degrees Farenheit for 23 hours.

Why you need

Aqua Rex

  • Your water heater lasts longer and works more efficiently
  • Cleans shower heads and faucets
  • Soap and shampoo lather better
  • Can reduce tub and shower scum
  • Retains healthy minerals
  • No chemicals added to drinking water
  • No waste water
  • No loss of water pressure
  • No backwashing of chloride waste
  • No servicing, salt or cartridges required
  • Easy 20 minute install
  • No pipes to cut
  • 20 year manufacturer’s warranty

No More

Salt Residue

Aqua Rex Bathroom Solutions

What our clients say

Tom B

Aqua-rex was easy to install with the complete instructions.
After installing I waited 30 days to see any difference and cleaned all the faucets.
At about the 60 day marker I did not see any hard water stains or marks.
My wife asked we got a water softener and I told her no... Got an Aqua -rex.
One other thing i noticed was hotter water.

Brian and Ruth Kominsky – Las Vegas

To Whom It May Concern:  We have owned the Aqua-Rex swimming pool model for about a year now. We were getting a lot of calcium buildup on our pool, especially under the waterfall feature, so our pool guy recommended we install an Aqua-Rex. The difference in our pool has been quite noticeable. Not only has the buildup stopped, but the already existing deposits have been disappearing. What's left was easily brushed away by hand and the only time it recurred was when our electrical outlet stopped working and we didn't realize it. We replaced the outlet and once again the buildup has been receding ever since. We are very happy with the product and the company. 

Ray Pereda, Jr. – Construction Services

Hey Janet, hope all is well!  Your name came up in a meeting yesterday at our Monarch property in Anaheim. You’ll be hearing from Huey soon on this.  It reminded me to follow up with you on the Aqua-Rex I installed at my house. We love it and have told everybody about it. My girls (I have a house full of hair!) all like it for their washing of their hair. It has been a hit! Wanted to just drop a note and say THANKS!  On another note, we have talked to our Property Management department and we want to look into purchasing several properties (at a time) systems to be installed. With over 65 properties currently in the portfolio throughout California and 3 currently under construction (2 of which are specified to have the Aqua-Rex), we have plenty of opportunity for the systems to be installed.  Now the bad news….now that we have been sold on it and have thoroughly discuss how it works with our Development team, several people here in the office would like to know how much they could purchase a system (assuming the WK-1) for their home for? Let me know and I’ll forward the info along. 

Joel Valentine – Dynamic Plumbing – Las Vegas Nevada

I had the Aqua Rex system installed in my home for almost a year now and it is doing everything I was told it would do. First of all the system is easy to install and does not require any special tools and the Aqua Rex system does not use a lot of energy. My scale build up on faucets and shower heads has been eliminated as a result of the Aqua Rex system 

Jennifer Betz – PHCC Contractor Member

Since the installation of AQUA-REX in my home, I have enjoyed the following: noticeably softer skin; reduced redness in my eyes after showering; improved efficiency of hair and skin products (I need less to achieve same results); diminished severity of eczema. After experiencing these positive results with my system, I purchased a unit as a gift for my mother! Now she is also benefiting from the AQUA-REX system. 

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